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Building on History


Four factors determine which of our services will be right for your project: whether earthworks are required for construction, local heritage conservation regulations, and the archaeological record of your specific site. Our experience has shown that every project is unique. 

Our clients construct private, public or commercial buildings, develop residential or industrial estates, install or refurbish cables, pipelines and other infrastructure, erect wind parks, or establish or restore ecological conservation areas. 

We are their reliable partners in all matters relating to archaeological mitigation, whether monitoring earthworks on site, trial trenching, conducting pre-planning surveys or rescue archaeology to investigate and document sites in progress. 

We also offer support for navigating the process of developing a site with heritage restrictions, from initial consultation to planning permission from the heritage department. We are cost-conscious, efficient, and create concepts and solutions tailored to the individual project. 

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Every project is unique!

Archaeological services – more than just a treasure hunt