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Arcontor Projekt GmbH

… delivering history in Lower Saxony, Germany 

Building on History

Arcontor Projekt GmbH is based in Brunswick, Lower Saxony, Germany. We offer archaeology and heritage consultancy services, including pre-construction surveys, archaeological monitoring, rescue excavation, analysis and documentation of current and future building sites.

Our ancestors knew all the best places to build long before us – so when new construction uncovers archaeological artifacts or features, our documentation process safeguards their history.

Arcontor’s excellent team of experienced archaeological prospectors helps minimise risks and delays for your project through advance consultation, close communication and coordination throughout the process.

Are you building on history? Rely on us.

Archaeological Services

Arcontor - Archäologie Niedersachsen

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Founded in 2003 with only a handful of team members, Arcontor Projekt GmbH is now based in Brunswick, Lower Saxony, Germany, and has grown to over 40 employees, from ...

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You can rely on us in all matters archaeological: monitoring earthworks, pre-construction surveys, excavations, documentation and heritage consultancy services  ...

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You share our enthusiasm for field archaeology, prefer working in a team and enjoy being part of the solution? Then we look forward to your application! We offer long-term career ...

Arcontor - Archäologische Ausgrabungen
Archäologische Ausgrabungen Niedersachsen - Arcontor Projekt GmbH